Sales and Marketing Alignment

Align Marketing and Sales to Streamline the Buying Experience: 4 Imperatives

In Deloitte: The Future of B2B Sales is “Experience Selling, Bob Thompson relates a discussion he had with Harry Datwani, a Principal at Deloitte Digital about his company’s research on the B2B buying experience. According to Datwani, the study was conducted because the B2B buying process is changing rapidly — driven by customers/buyers. The report notes […]

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Train Your Sales VP

How to Train Your Sales VP

A Survival Guide for Marketing Execs – Part 2 of 3 Many companies go through a growth phase when they become sales-driven, resulting in a very strong sales culture from the top down. If not carefully balanced, that culture can become so dominant that it hinders the development of other functions which are essential to […]

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B2B Revenue Machine

Four Keys to Build an Unstoppable B2B Revenue Machine in 2020

My job, and core mission, is to help B2B companies accelerate their revenue growth. While every company has a different set of challenges and objectives, there are some common dynamics at play that can be used to boost revenue without busting the marketing and sales budget. Dynamic 1: Revenue assessment. Effective growth planning always starts […]

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12 Quick B2B Sales and Marketing Fixes

At Fusion Marketing Partners, we sometimes deal with clients who have both longer-term strategic issues (business model, lead-to-revenue strategy, etc.) but also a need for tactical quick fixes in the areas of lead generation, revenue and so forth. In medicine, they refer to this as the “chronic” vs. “acute” condition. And the challenge when dealing […]

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How CEOs Can Improve the Value of Sales and Marketing Efforts

CEOs have likely already conferred with their leadership teams about how they will deliver sales- and marketing-fueled growth for this year and beyond. Yet while no successful leader submerges him or herself in the nuts and bolts, you must have a dashboard, even an informal one, for guiding your team, asking the right questions and […]

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Crisp Sales and Marketing Execution – A Key to B2B Success

Planning is great, and having the right marketing and sales strategies in place is imperative, but it can be for naught if the sales and marketing execution part of your go-to-market activities is flawed. Unfortunately, this is the case with many companies. For example, MarketingSherpa states that only about one quarter of B2B companies have […]

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Top 6 Ways that Marketing Supports B2B Sales and Revenue

Since the early days of B2B marketing and sales, marketing VPs have been asking that puzzling but oh-so-important question: “What in the heck does sales want from us anyway?”  And the problem is, the sales department sometimes doesn’t know what it wants — or it changes what it asks for on some seemingly random basis. […]

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B2B Marketing Leaders: 3 Things that Can Hurt You (And Your Company) in 2015

The transition to a new year can be a perilous time for B2B marketing organizations. Sales managers, finance people and CEOs are gathered in rooms or on conference calls having tough conversations about priorities and funding for the new year. The output of these meetings can wreak havoc on the unsuspecting marketing department, especially when […]

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