Marketing automation technology

Marketing Automation Technology: Fast Growing Industry but not Always Fast Growing Results

I just read a thought-provoking report titled: Forrester Data: Marketing Automation Technology Forecast, 2017 to 2023. Having worked in the CRM industry, including co-founding a marketing automation (MA) software company, the trajectory (and complexity) of the industry has been fascinating to witness. The below graphic from Martech, will give you an idea of the enormity […]

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Marketing Technology Barrier

Six Problems that can’t be Solved with Marketing Technology

In my column for CustomerThink last month titled, My Love/Hate Relationship With Sales and Marketing Technology: 6 Lessons Learned, I talked about the reasons why so many of us have been frustrated with sales and marketing technology. One of the primary reasons is the huge imbalance about what is promised and what is delivered. This […]

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Nine Critical Criteria For Selecting Lead-to-Revenue Technology

My team and I write lots of content for our B2B clients. We also keep our own content stream flowing with fresh and relevant content related to B2B marketing and sales.  To this end, I started writing a white paper on the Lead-to-Revenue (L2R) strategies we use to help clients meet their revenue objectives. 9,000 […]

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To Automate or Not to Automate Your B2B Marketing – by Christopher Ryan

I just read an excellent article by Lauren Carlson titled Tailwinds for Marketing Automation Software. I suggest you give it a read if you want to see the macro trends that are driving more companies to use technology to manage their marketing processes.  I’ve been in the B2B marketing business quite a long time and […]

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