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Sales Lead Management: Are You a Victim of Failure to Follow-Up?

I talk about the concept of stopping “revenue leakage” a lot, and one of the biggest causes of revenue leakage is when sales or marketing reps fail to follow-up (FTFU).  You spend a lot of time and money to generate inquiries and then see the effort wasted. Not only is this bad sales and marketing […]

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B2B Lead Generation – How Much Information Should You Capture?

I just read an interesting article at Web Ink Now, titled New B2B Lead Generation Calculus.  Noted marketing thought leader David Meerman Scott revisits that often-debated topic of whether it is better to collect opt-in data before allowing people to download your content, or to make that content available without requiring anything from the website […]

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Steps in the B2B Marketing and Sales Process – by Christopher Ryan

In a typical business-to-business scenario, responses you generate and people you have contact with will flow through the marketing system and at different times during the end-to-end process will fall into the following categories:           Database Build – Contact names you have added to your database who have not responded to a promotional offer. You […]

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