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What’s in a (Company) Name? Why an Effective B2B Brand is Crucial!

In a recent article, Eight Critical Brand Health Questions You Should Be Asking, I shared the questions that you should be asking to determine if your B2B brand is helping or hurting your company. Branding incorporates a number of elements (e.g. name, message, promise, graphic elements, etc.) but I will focus this message specifically on […]

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Eight Critical Brand Health Questions You Should Be Asking

Complacency is a deadly risk to the health of your brand. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of my job is helping B2B clients “brand” their companies, products (or services) and create a personal brand for executives.  I’ve written a lot about the subject of branding, including my recent article for CustomerThink titled, Six Steps to […]

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How Well Does Your Business Deliver On Your Marketing Tag-Line?

In times past, the names of many companies revealed what business the firm was in: the Pennsylvania Railroad, Austin Floor Coverings, Allstate Insurance. Nowadays, many company names don’t do that … they are merely invented words and don’t indicate the main line(s) of business. So the companies create tag-lines to identify themselves in their marketplaces.

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