In B2B, It’s All About the Marketing Offer

B2B Sales and Marketing and Marketing OfferAssuming that you have a quality product or service, with a compelling value proposition, aimed at the right target audience, the marketing offer will be a key difference in your success (or lack thereof). So what do I mean by offer?

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In simple terms, a marketing offer is what you propose to give to the prospect, and what you are asking for in return. The offer is the “What’s in it for me?” part of the marketing equation. How do you know if you have an effective offer?

Here are the six criteria every B2B Marketing offer should meet:

  1. It works. Unless the offer achieves the intended results, it is not a good offer.
  2. It is compatible with your organization’s positioning statement. Offers that are not compatible may generate short-term results but be counterproductive in the long term.
  3. It is compelling enough to cut through the marketplace clutter and your prospect’s preoccupation. The average consumer is exposed to up to 3,000 promotional messages per week. You must have an offer that stands out clearly to overcome this barrage.
  4. It is targeted at exactly the right audience. For instance, employees are motivated by offers that help them get promoted, build their work spheres of influence, and make their jobs easier or faster. Upper management is motivated by increased sales, lower costs, and saving time.
  5. It is aimed at the proper stage of the sales cycle. For example, information offers are used for prospects that are in the information-gathering stage, and pricing offers are used when prospects are in the purchasing phase.
  6. It is powerful enough to demand immediate attention from the prospect. If possible, the offer should be tied to a strong call to action that shouts, “Take advantage of this offer right now.”

The type of B2B Marketing offer you use should be based on the objectives of your program. If you are selling a high-ticket or complex product, or if you need to make a personal sales call to finalize a transaction, you should choose an offer geared to sales lead generation. Conversely, if you are promoting a low-ticket, non-complex item via online, phone, or mail, you will use a different type of offer.

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  • John Leavy September 22, 2010   Reply →


    #4 “It is targeted at exactly the right audience.” really stands out in today’s marketing on the Web. Some businesses seem to think the best marketing strategy is guided by numbers … just spray the message to as many people as possible and some people are bound to buy. This tactic sure accounts for most of the email in people’s in-boxes. Thanks for the post.

  • Online Marketing November 7, 2010   Reply →

    Since we’re on the topic of B2B Marketing Offers | Great B2B Marketing, The web permits for interactive marketing by providing immediate responses, which is really a distinctive marketing trait. Internet marketing has frequently been thought to have a wider range due towards the reality that it refers to digital media forms for example email, internet, and wireless methods. Nevertheless, there is also digital consumer data management and electronic management of customer relationships obtainable.

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