Asking “Why” Makes Your Marketing Content More Effective

Why Marketing ContentThis post is short and sweet, but it also highly important to your success as a B2B marketer. As someone who writes lots of marketing content for clients as well as our own needs, I (and my more talented teammates) produce lots of copy on subjects like product features, benefits, positioning, FAQs, etc. But all of us have to be careful to make sure that we always keep in mind the fundamental “Why” questions that are being asked by our prospects:

  • Why should I stop what I am doing?
  • Why should I read your message?
  • Why should I go to your landing page?
  • Why should I click on the Submit button?
  • Why should I take the time to evaluate your offer?
  • Why should I spend my precious money with you?
  • Why should I trust you with my credit card details?
  • Why should I take the risk of doing business with you?

In the end, whether or not the prospect acts – either in a lead generation or sales situation – depends on one important equation: Is the value of what I am getting greater than the cost in time, money and risk? If the answer is no, you will not get the response or sale. And the best way of making sure the value equation comes out in your favor is to embed your marketing messages with clear, concise and credible responses to the questions listed above.

Whether you like it or not, these questions are being asked (sometimes subconsciously) and impacting your revenue and/or lead generation efforts.  As a suggestion, how about reviewing the last piece of marketing content you wrote. If it doesn’t satisfy the “why” questions, rewrite the text until it accomplishes this objective. Your bottom line will thank you.

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