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This blog consists of the very best articles and blog posts we’ve curated from B2B experts across the web. These posts cover a wide variety of B2B business topics, however, we will ensure the focus remains on how great marketing B2B processes and programs lead to revenue growth – and insight on actions you can take to realize those improvements.


Marketing Research

When You Need Research to Be in the Know – and How to Do It

Many organizations believe that social listening is a good substitute for traditional market and customer research. Certainly, social listening has its merits and can provide powerful and relevant insights when combined with traditional research. But it is an adjunct to, not a replacement for, traditional market research Social listening provides an excellent way to monitor […]

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Fear of Loss

Fear of Loss – Understand your customer’s pain points

  The CEO of a large international corporation was asked, “How do you select your professional advisors: lawyers, bankers, auditors etc? Is it their track record, industry expertise, technical know-how, product innovation?” The response was telling.  “I take all that as a given. In a world where products and analyses are commoditised, I look for […]

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Escaping the “We Need a New Site” Hamster Wheel

Your boss doesn’t like how the website looks. Colleagues continually point out your competitors’ digital presence is on the bleeding edge (whatever that means). And the CEO won’t stop demanding a new site that “does SEO” and “is social.” So you begin gathering site requirements, scheduling calls with web agencies, and tinkering with your budget. […]

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CX Metrics

Does it matter which customer experience metric you choose?

Are you responsible for measuring the progress in improving customer experience? If yes, I’m sure you needed to come up with a rationale on which metrics to choose for this: Is it an all ubiquitous Net Promoter Score (NPS), the traditional customer satisfaction CSAT, or a more recent invention Customer Effort Score (CES)? Is one enough […]

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Rational vs Emotional

Psychology of Choice for B2B Marketing

Addressing personal values matters in B2B marketing — more than most might think. In fact, research from Motista and ThinkGoogle shows that B2B brands have more emotional bonds with their customers than B2C brands. Their findings, which involved researching more than 3,000 brands, showed that B2B brands had emotional connections with around 50% of their customers and […]

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