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This blog consists of the very best articles and blog posts we’ve curated from B2B experts across the web. These posts cover a wide variety of B2B business topics, however, we will ensure the focus remains on how great marketing B2B processes and programs lead to revenue growth – and insight on actions you can take to realize those improvements.


Sales Transformation

What is “Sales Transformation” and Why Should You Care?

Seven Strategies to Accelerate Revenue Growth In its most basic form, Sales Transformation is ensuring you have equipped your sales team with the best skills, tools and sales infrastructure to enable successful and profitable sales campaigns. According to Wikipedia, sales transformation is a form of change management—realigning how assets and people are used to restructure a […]

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9 Essential Go-to-Market Steps that Aren’t Just About Marketing

Think developing a go-to-market strategy is the sole responsibility of your marketing department? If so, you’re setting yourself up for failure. A comprehensive strategy includes much more than just marketing messages. To be effective, it must include participation from across your company, including these nine areas of focus: 1. Target Market/Customer: If you are developing […]

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marketing metrics

Today’s Metrics Fail to Connect Marketing to Growth

Marketing, you’re going to need different metrics if you want to prove your contribution to Growth. In our recent poll, “growth” received 100% of the responses for Marketing’s top priority this year. The second question asked, “What metrics (select all that apply) is your Marketing organization currently using to report on its contribution to the business?” […]

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Part 3 - Part Three: Case Studies of Reduced Customer Friction from 5 Companies

Part Three: Case Studies of Reduced Customer Friction from 5 Companies

4-Part series on how to create a frictionless experience In Part Two you put yourself in the mind of your customer, following the white rabbit down your conversion funnel and listing elements of friction. We also discussed several methods to gather more information by talking with stakeholders, interviewing customers and analyzing your website metrics. Life is increasingly […]

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Brand Visibility

3 Cheap Ways to Boost Your Brand Visibility

Branding is a powerful and highly efficient marketing strategy, but even a good brand needs to promote itself to gain visibility and recognition. That’s easier said than done, especially since the online market is overcrowded with other businesses that are attempting to do the same. Moreover, smaller brands may not always have a large enough […]

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