New-Age Marketing Tips for Seasoned Marketers

Welcome to the new age of marketing, where the ads are highly targeted and the content overflows. If you’re a seasoned marketer who finds yourself stuck in old-fashioned methods, it’s time to shake things up and get your business back on the cutting edge. We’re here to help you get hip to what’s happening on the horizon so you can breathe some new life into your old and tired marketing strategy.

  1. Get Rid of Outdated Marketing Tactics – Marketing is like everything else in your industry—it ebbs and flows; some things change and some things stay the same. Make sure you’re giving your entire program a top-to-bottom relevancy check, asking yourself if your tactics are still in favor and, most importantly, if they’re still working for your business. If you’re still relying on the following marketing strategies, it’s time to make some changes and move on.
    • Casting a Wide Net – These days, targeted marketing is everything. Whether you implement a full-scale affiliate marketing program working with influencers who speak to your target audience or tweak every single digital ad to a specific set of demographics, you’ll be making smart moves by going as targeted as possible.
    • Optimizing the Wrong Way – So you know that search engine optimization (SEO) is a big deal—you’re already one step ahead of many marketers. What you may not know, though, is that certain once-in-style SEO strategies have gone by the wayside, and they may be docking your rankings. Ban the use of any black hat SEO techniques
    • Marketing Too Aggressively – Enthusiastic, frequent marketing messages are a good way to drum up interest in your brand, forge a positive persona, and grow leads—but remember that being too pushy or over the top can be a big turnoff to consumers. Over half of all consumers say they get too many emails from retailers, so keep things reasonable.
    • Posting NonPromotional Content – A solid content marketing campaign is one that perfectly toes the line between providing value to the user and effectively promoting a product or service. The first step is producing engaging, well-optimized blog content. The second step is making sure it gets in front of people by promoting it on social media, email, etc.
  2. Remember, as Always, Content Reigns – Whether you love it or hate it, content marketing is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future. While it seems like a big effort, creating content can be done in a fairly time- and budget-conscience manner. Improving organic search rankings through SEO can provide you with a pretty hefty return on investment, but you have to be willing to invest the time and money into creating high-quality, useful content.
  3. Don’t Ignore Automation – Automation has revolutionized virtually every industry, and marketing is not excused. One of the biggest automation trends marketers need to be aware of is programmatic advertising, which involves automating the digital advertising process. With programmatic tools, companies are able to leverage big data to determine which ads to buy and how much to pay for them, resulting in a more cost-effective, targeted experience.
  4. Know What Consumers Want – We’re lucky because we live in an era when big companies and research firms are constantly releasing new data on consumer behavior. Always stay abreast of this data and make sure that it informs your marketing strategy. For example, we know that consumers prefer authentic, honest brand personas and that they rely on recommendations from friends and family as much as ever. Taking this into account, it makes sense why so many companies have made big investments in affiliate marketing, social media, referral programs, and influencer marketing.
  5. Visuals Are as Important as Ever – In content marketing, you have to constantly play to two parties—the user and the search engine. The search engine needs information (text) in order to crawl your site and rank it on the results page. The user, however, prefers a more visual experience. Going visual makes a lot of sense in the long run because people are able to recall as much as 65 percent of the visual content they see almost three days later. What does this tell us? Visual plus text makes a winning combo. Using tools like alt text, video transcriptions, and infographics within articles can help bridge the gap.
  6. Make Your Brand Likable – It sounds silly, but consumers are more likely to interact with or make a purchase from your company if they believe it has a positive brand persona. For most consumers, that means a brand that engages with its audience in a way that’s honest, friendly, and authentic. Your goal should be to treat your target consumer like a future friend, always keeping interactions positive and stress-free. The new-age marketer spends the time developing a brand voice and personality that suits its customer or user perfectly.
  7. A Good CX Is All You Need­­ – Traditional marketers, meet the new high standard of customer interaction: a flawless customer experience (CX). Building a positive CX strategy means uncomplicating things for the user, always being available to help, and never leaving issues unresolved. Often, building a solid customer experience comes down to having a good user experience (UX) on your app or website and funneling some of your budget into testing.

It’s All About Staying Agile

Our biggest tip for seasoned marketers looking to update their practices? Never get stuck in a certain way of doing things. Modern marketing is entirely about adaptability. The fact of the matter is that Google is constantly changing its algorithms and the consumer is constantly changing her expectations. In other words, the marketer who doesn’t quickly adapt to the ever-changing marketing climate is the one who will most assuredly be left in the dust!


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