How Well Does Your Business Deliver On Your Marketing Tag-Line?

Brand TaglineIn times past, the names of many companies revealed what business the firm was in: the Pennsylvania Railroad, Austin Floor Coverings, Allstate Insurance. Nowadays, many company names don’t do that … they are merely invented words and don’t indicate the main line(s) of business. So the companies create tag-lines to identify themselves in their marketplaces.

For really well-known outfits, the tag-line serves advertising and brand differentiation purposes. For example, Disney theme parks worldwide are Magic Kingdoms … The Happiest Places on Earth.

For lesser-known organizations, though, the tag-line is not mere sloganeering. A good tag-line helps establish and maintain the business identity … it’s a big deal! Such firms need a quick (almost instant) tag-line so would-be customers can determine if the business realm is something they want to engage about. There are two tag-line challenges:

  • Does the tag-line cause people who read it or hear it to say, “Ah HAH!” … that’s what you do and that’s worth a conversation.”
  • Can … and does … the company actually do what the tag-line promises?

Here are four small/medium biz tag-lines I have encountered recently, followed by my opinions as to deliverable or not. What is your opinion of each?

“Your Business … Re-Defined”  From a provider of managed IT services. My opinion: un-deliverable. The company does enhance clients’ businesses via superior IT management, but does not change the definition/realm of the clients’ businesses.

“Like It Never Even Happened”  From a fire and water cleanup and restoration firm. My opinion: deliverable. (I know this from personal experience a few years ago.)

“Make Sure What You Write and Say Makes Sense and Money”  From a BtoB marketing/sales content editing service. My opinion: deliverable.

“We Deliver Solutions”  From a distributor of replacement parts for outdoor power equipment. My opinion: un-deliverable (please excuse the pun.) They don’t deliver anything: they put parts in boxes and UPS delivers them. The company itself offers The Right Parts at the Right Price Right Now … which is their new, deliverable tag-line.

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Best Advice: Make sure your tag-line provokes “Cool!” rather than “Huh?” and is 100% deliverable.

Note: this post originally appeared on LinkedIn, August 22, 2016.

© 2016, Michael A. Brown, President, BtoBEngage and Business To Business By Phone

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