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Big Ideas: the Next Big Thing in Marketing

The next big thing in marketing is already here. And it has been for a long time.

But it’s not Virtual Reality. And it’s not Influencer Marketing. Or Big Data.

The next big thing in marketing is about Big Ideas.

Big Ideas

Big Ideas are like Uber or Snapchat.

It’s the kind of thing you’d instantly define as a ‘Game Changer’.

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It’s when you think “I could have thought of that!” that you know you got a big idea in front of you.

Big ideas are the kind of ideas that stick with you. They are the ideas that make you stand still. The ones that get your attention.

Big Ideas are simple. They are easily understandable. They are instantly recognisable.

And that’s what makes them effective. Far more effective than Virtual Reality will ever be. And more influential than Influencer Marketing. And bigger than Big Data.

Because Big Ideas appeal to our human nature. They appeal to our needs and emotions – to our desires and dreams.

And the best thing? You don’t have to wait around for them.

Big Ideas are already here. They are right in front of you. They’re about showing what your product and service can do for people. How it helps them. Which needs it fulfills. And the impact it has. And communicating exactly that. That essence.

A Big Idea is when you communicate the very reason your product or service exist. When your marketing is stripped down to its very core and the only thing left is that key message about what your product does. And what it can do for your audience.

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That message – that’s a Big Idea. And that’s what’s most effective. That’s the thing that will rule the marketing industry for hundreds of years to come. Long after all the other trends, hypes and other ‘things to watch out for’ have long been forgotten.

So stop looking for the next big thing in marketing. Because it’s already here.

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