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There is a lot of buzz in the air about content marketing. Businesses that need to increase their brand awareness, credibility, and preference with their target audiences are turning to content marketing in greater numbers as a proven pull marketing strategy that aligns well with important business metrics. Whether your goals are to increase market awareness, drive website traffic, build lead generation, or improve sales funnel conversion, understanding how to create copy that delivers results is fundamental to achieving success.

From strategy to execution, you need to accomplish this in a consistent and on-target manner that leverages your brand’s core promise while turning your differentiators into compelling content that systematically engages your critical audiences, and causes them to take action.

The Payoff Earned from Effective B2B Content

Effective B2B content attracts visitors to your website, provides value for your social media outreach, converts website visitors to leads, and much more. High-quality B2B content delivers on a specific purpose:

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  • Attracts organic search traffic
  • Converts visitors to leads
  • Supports your brand’s value proposition
  • Provides online and social media value
  • Targets various stages of the buying cycle

In addition, your content marketing efforts can have a large payoff, in five major areas:

  1. Large increases in brand awareness. People buy from companies they know and content can help you get known.
  2. Make it easier for prospects to find you.  Quality content helps web searchers find you quickly.
  3. Credibility boost. Visitors to your website will judge you by the quality and quantity of the content that is relevant to their needs.
  4. Lower cost per lead. Content marketing is a pull marketing strategy and as such, produces leads at a fraction of the cost of push marketing leads.
  5. Shorter sales cycle. Good content helps prospects learn about your products and services and self-qualify themselves. This enables prospects to make a much faster purchase decision.

How Much New Content Do You Need?

This is one of those “it depends” questions. If your company is in a well-defined market where the competition isn’t strong, you might require a relatively small amount of new content. By contrast, if your company is in a complex and highly competitive space, you may need quite a bit of new content. Either way, the payoff is large.

The key to success is to get started. You can’t procrastinate hoping that positive results will miraculously happen. Make the effort today and begin creating good-quality B2B content that will help you meet your marketing goals and drive solid business results.

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  • Kim Trebold July 7, 2014   Reply →

    Couldn’t agree more! Website content and a great thought leadership white paper can be powerful lead generation tools.

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