Train Sales VP

How to Train Your Sales VP

A survival guide for marketing execs – Part 1 of 3 Everyone is in Sales! Of all the teams in a typical high-tech company, Sales seems to be the only one with its own slogan. (Have you ever heard the VP Development exclaim that “everyone is in programming!”? Or the CFO start his monthly cash review […]

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Marketing Strategy

Why Does Good Strategy Matter to the Bottom Line?

Strategy is fundamental to the success and sustainability of all organizations. It is about seizing opportunities and knowing which not to pursue, all while mitigating risk. Develop a Marketing strategy that stands the best chance of delivering on your current and FUTURE performance, productivity, and profit targets. A good strategy is designed to drive long-term […]

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Critical Thinking


Has this ever happened to you? You offer a perfectly good, logical solution that meets your buyer’s needs. But the buyer says “no.” It just doesn’t make sense. Stupid buyers… Or maybe it’s not that buyers are illogical, stupid, fickle, or wrong. Maybe you aren’t solving the problem they want to solve. Maybe you’ve allowed lazy […]

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Brand of Gold

Building Your Brand of Gold

There is a lot of conversation circulating about building your personal brand. If you take a look online, you might see personal branding defined 1 as “the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands,” with terms like “self-packaging” thrown into the mix. But, the discussion about personal branding is fairly superficial; what […]

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