Determining Good Leads From Bad

The continued success of any business relies on constantly finding new and returning customers. Whether these are individual customers or other businesses, sales acquisition is a sustaining force. That is why lead generation is another important component to success. The process of finding and pursuing new customers can help keep the business moving upwards in […]

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Marketing Content

Ready, Steady, Write! 6 Tips for Effective B2B Content Creation

Writing your own web copy or venturing into the world of content marketing for the first time? Don’t be afraid — online content isn’t that scary. In fact, effective online content could be one of the most lucrative investments you’ll ever make as business. Why? It can massively improve your search engine optimisation and rankings, […]

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Overhead View Of Two Businessmen Having Meeting In Office Lobby

Don’t Focus on Your Product…Create Compelling Conversations

Your product is about you, and your client does not care about you, they care about improving their business outcomes. The critical focus should be on the quality of the conversations. Are the conversations respectful, intellectual, valuable, filled with new creative ideas, authentic, and thought provoking? Or are they directive, guarded, calculated, and non-engaging, addressing […]

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influencing human behavior in marketing

The Purpose-Driven Brand

Since the beginning of time to this very moment, we humans have been driven by purpose. Consciously and unconsciously, we seek meaning in our lives and the need to actively make a difference and leave a personal legacy of good when we move on from this existence. Jung addresses this in his Individuation process and […]

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Why You Need Podcasts in Your Marketing Mix

The American Marketing Association recently wrote an article about the opportunities for podcasting. Some of their more riveting stats? “Each month, 4,000 podcasts are added to iTunes. Forty-two million Americans listen to an average of five episodes a week.” The article cited an underwriting frenzy by advertisers to gain access to this “affluent” community. It […]

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You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs…to Find the Right Sales Rep

A recent Manpower study revealed that the most difficult position to fill is a Sales Representative and that is especially true in 2017. Why is finding top performing sales talent so tough? When recruiting the best salespeople, it is all about the details. Your “gut feeling” about an applicant is no guarantee of success. Carefully […]

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The Marketing Ops Audit: Why It Matters and How to Do It Well

Marketing Operations (Marketing Ops) is a well-established function. Whether performed by one person in a small company or a large team in a billion-dollar business, it is present in 70% of Marketing organizations overall and in 82% of Best-in-Class (BIC) Marketing organizations. Best-in-Class Marketing organizations are those that earn 90 or greater out of 100 […]

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Social Media Etiquette in the B2B Marketplace

When brand equity trumps your impulses These days the tweet is ruling the news cycle. But B2B businesses do not have the freedom to speak our minds without consequences on Twitter and other social platforms. Setting a businesslike tone that builds your brand; is not too “cutesy” or stridently salesy; and is consistently pleasant to […]

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