Buyer's Journey

To Connect with Elusive B2B Prospects, Turn Marketing and Sales into “Sherpas” for the Buyer’s Journey

I recently participated in a LinkedIn comment thread posing the question of whether B2B or B2C marketing was more fun. Naturally, this sparked a spirited dialogue. As a long-time B2B marketer, I have immensely enjoyed my profession, but it has its challenges. You have to work hard to locate, communicate with, and engage, B2B prospects. […]

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B2B Customer loyalty and customer experience (CX)

Customer Loyalty: CEO’s #1 Focus to Protect Revenue This Year – Part 3

B2B Customer loyalty and customer experience (CX) Customer loyalty (CL) is the number one focus for many CEOs and business owners interested in stabilizing, generating, and predicting revenue. In fact, “research shows that loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.” Your company will tap into these kinds of […]

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