Getting Noticed – In a Good Way

Let’s talk about being noticed in the social media community; being noticed without being obnoxious or looking desperate that is. Getting noticed in a good way is beneficial for business. Organizations work hard to position themselves as the experts in a certain field, the authorities, the go-to-guys, the ones-in-the-know.

The Business Value Hierarchy

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Here are some quick ways to begin to establish credibility in the social media stratosphere.

  • Identify the influencers in your business sector and comment on their blog posts. Posts such as “Great post!” or “This information really helps me.” are worthless. These post tactics are best used by spammers looking for back links. They’re usually deleted and never approved by the owner of the blog. Take the time and energy to post something useful. If you leave cogent posts the readers following this blogger will start following you.
  • Podcasts are a great way for people to see more of you or your team. Pod casts are the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting. Pod casts can be posted on your website, blog,,,, or a hundred other points across the Web. Keep the podcast interesting, timely, fast-paced and never lose eye contact with the viewer.
  • Webinars extend the podcast conversation by making it two-way. People joining a webinar can talk with the presenter and ask questions. Webinars hold more value as a tutorial instrument. Organizations can host their own webinars or use a free or paid service. Check out,, and
  • Join or start your own discussions on LinkedIn. There are only 480,000 Groups on LinkedIn and growing. Your organization is bound to find a place to fit in. Question traditional thinking. Push the envelope of conventional wisdom. Ask thought-provoking questions.
  • Check out what’s being talked about in your business sector on Twitter and join the discussion. Use to see what Twitter conversations are hot. Twitter also provides a search tool to look up phrases.
  • There are more free article sites popping up each day. Choose the sites that best fit your business model and then scan the site to see what people are reading. This will give you a good idea of what’s there and if there are any gaps in the conversation; a great opportunity for you to jump in and fill people in.
  • Sites such as give organizations a perfect platform for those presentations companies work so hard to produce. After the conference is over, after everyone leaves the sales and marketing meeting or new product announcement take the presentations and upload them to SlideShare. This makes them available to millions of viewers and creates new visitor streams to your website or blog.

Be Strategic:

  • It can’t be said enough. Don’t look desperate. Don’t be obnoxious. Take the time to come up with a visibility plan then execute it over time.
  • Take the time to understand who and what is driving a discussion before jumping in.
  • Everyone following you in the social media communities may not be friendly. Find out how to keep your guard up.

By John Leavy

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  • Chris Ryan May 17, 2010   Reply →

    Good article John. I especially like the point about not coming across as desperate or obnoxious. Many companies make the mistake of pushing too hard in the early stages of the relationship.

  • SEO Consulting May 18, 2011   Reply →

    Hello, thanks for the post. Very insightful and very true, definitely clarified alot of things for those who didnt previously know about this. I hope you dont mind, but I went ahead and linked to your website through my blog. You dont have to link back to us if you dont want to. Thanks again for the great post! – SEO Consulting

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