B2B Marketing: The Importance of Blocking and Tackling


I talk often about the importance of creating a “marketing machine”. By marketing machine, I mean a systematized process for creating awareness, generating B2B leads, qualifying prospects, and converting them into sales opportunities. There is both an art and science to creating an effective B2B marketing machine. The art comes in devising powerful brand messaging and creative campaign themes. But the game is executed and won based on how you practice the marketing fundamentals.

Legendary football coach (and namesake for the Super Bowl trophy) Vince Lombardi stated, “Some people try to find things in this game that don’t exist; but football is only two things – blocking and tackling.” So what is the marketing version of blocking and tackling?

  • Build the database. Regardless of whether you call it a database, contact list, or prospect list, you must strive to increase the number and quality of people who have given you permission to market to them.  This database will be a great source of future leads and revenue.
  • Deliver quality content. Marketers need to create a steady stream of relevant web content, for two primary reasons. First, to supply the needs of the visitor, regardless of where he or she is in the sales process. Second, to make your website search engine-friendly and attract more potential buyers. Here is a great presentation on how to create high quality web content.
  • Launch lead generation campaigns. One of the most important “blocking and tackling” mindsets is being relentless about new lead generation efforts. Don’t wait until you have the perfect timing and perfect offer. Better to act now than later, because every campaign you launch will teach you valuable lessons about how to make the next one more effective.
  • Improve the website. More often than not, the B2B companies we talk to can benefit from a better-performing website. In addition to creating more content, you should make sure your navigation is intuitive and straightforward. Also, to achieve the database-building goals mentioned earlier, you should provide the visitor with plenty of offers.
  • Capture and monitor the metrics. Practicing the marketing fundamentals is one thing, but you must also measure what you are doing and report on the results. What can be measured can also be improved.  So make capturing and reporting on the metrics part of your blocking and tackling routine.

When creating a B2B marketing machine, it helps to be smart and creative.  You can supercharge your results when you practice the critical marketing fundamentals mentioned above with consistency and persistence.

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  • Jamie Knoll September 19, 2013   Reply →

    I like that you point out the importance of a ‘better-performing’ website – as important as content is, it is nothing without first being intuitive and straightforward. Great tips on creating a marketing machine. Thanks, Chris.

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