Who Can Use More B2B Sales Leads?

b2b sales leads
I’ve had several posts recently about where and how to find fresh sales leads. Leads are the lifeblood of many B2B organizations and if you ask the VP of sales what he or she most covets, it is often a variation on the theme, “lots of qualified leads.” Generating leads is difficult enough when you know what you are doing – if you don’t it can be painful and frustrating.

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To help make this process easier, we’ve just released a new eBook titled Powerful B2B Marketing Strategies to Generate Qualified Leads. It is the second of a three-book series, C-Level Guide to Growing Awareness, Leads and Revenue.

It’s never easy to write and produce a 50-page book but fortunately, we have lots of content to draw on, and decades of experience in successful B2B lead generation and sales.  In fact, we live this stuff every day and actually enjoy it..:).   Here are a few of the topics you will learn about:

  1. How to Become a B2B Lead Generation Master
  2. Why You Need a B2B Marketing and Sales Machine
  3. Just How Many Sales Leads Do You Need?
  4. Steps in the B2B Lead Management and Sales Process
  5. Using Conversion Ratios to Perfect the Lead Management Process
  6. Why Lead Management is an Essential Component to Sales
  7. Where to Find Fresh Sales Leads
  8. Using Social Media and Pull Marketing to Generate Leads
  9. How to Use Web Seminars to Generate B2B Leads
  10. Publish an eBook – A Powerful B2B Marketing Tool
  11. Leverage Partnerships to Find New Leads
  12. Why You Need a Strong Web Presence to Meet Your Lead Objectives
  13. Nine Emotional Hot Buttons that Motivate Your Prospects to Action
  14. In B2B Marketing, It’s All About the Offer
  15. Lousy B2B Lead Generation Habits to Avoid

This lead generation eBook is available for free download at Fusion Marketing Partners and is also available to Kindle readers at Amazon.com.  Enjoy the read, but more importantly, enjoy the great feelings you will have when you fill your company’s coffers with qualified sales leads.

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