Customer Experience

Good Marketing Can’t Overcome Poor Customer Experience

I am very proud to be part of the family, as an adviser and columnist for the past few years.  And while my network knows me as a B2B marketing and revenue growth specialist, I like to write about and practice strategies that make the marketing department a key part of the customer experience […]

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B2B Revenue Machine

Four Keys to Build an Unstoppable B2B Revenue Machine in 2020

My job, and core mission, is to help B2B companies accelerate their revenue growth. While every company has a different set of challenges and objectives, there are some common dynamics at play that can be used to boost revenue without busting the marketing and sales budget. Dynamic 1: Revenue assessment. Effective growth planning always starts […]

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B2B Marketing Questions

10 Questions to Evaluate Your Marketing Effectiveness

How to Conduct a Quick and Effective B2B Marketing Assessment All of you numbers-focused and results-obsessed marketers understand the importance of the quantitative side of B2B marketing. You measure the number of inquiries, cost per inquiry, number of opportunities, specific media performance, and numerous other details. And if you do this right, you keep your […]

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B2B Branding

Should Your Company B2B Branding be Distinctive or Descriptive? 6 Lessons Learned

Everyone has an opinion when it comes to branding. Over the course of my career, first as a client-side marketing executive, then as a revenue-growth consultant to B2B companies, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in dozens of major branding projects (e.g. what to name a company or division) and many more minor branding projects […]

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