Monthly Archive for: ‘January, 2013’

  • B2B Marketing Options – When to DIY and When to Outsource

    As the CEO of a B2B marketing outsource provider, you would think that I would always suggest outsourcing as the best way to handle your marketing.  However, as with much else in life, the answer to the question of Should I outsource my marketing or …

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  • Are you Generating Qualified Leads or Wasting Marketing Dollars?

    If you ask a dozen marketers and sales people for their definition of a qualified lead, you might hear answers ranging from “anyone that’s breathing” to “someone ready to buy today.”  Obviously, there is a wide gulf between these two extremes, especially if the definitions …

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  • Marketing Can Be Amusing

    Marketing is a serious subject at most companies. After all, the marketing department is only one step removed from the sales department and revenue generation—the lifeblood of all businesses. As one of my favorite CEO’s was fond of saying, “Revenue covers a lot of other sins, but …

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