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Buyer's Journey

To Connect with Elusive B2B Prospects, Turn Marketing and Sales into “Sherpas” for the Buyer’s Journey

I recently participated in a LinkedIn comment thread posing the question of whether B2B or B2C marketing was more fun. Naturally, this sparked a spirited dialogue. As a long-time B2B marketer, I have immensely enjoyed my profession, but it has its challenges. You have to work hard to locate, communicate with, and engage, B2B prospects. […]

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B2B Pricing

How to Choose and Implement a Successful B2B Pricing Strategy

In my March column for CustomerThink, titled “Pricing to Win in B2B: The Mindset to Achieve More Revenue and Profit,” I discussed the mindset attributes needed to achieve solid pricing results: courage, differentiation, and relationships. Assuming you are now equipped with this ninja pricing mindset, it’s time to explore specifics of how to choose and implement […]

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B2B Pricing

Pricing to Win in B2B: The Mindset to Achieve More Revenue and Profit

The key to a good B2B pricing strategy is to structure your pricing model for short-term profitability and revenue while simultaneously building long-term relationships. This is a tough balancing act but achievable if your mindset is based on courage, differentiation and relationships. These three attributes will serve you well even before you start filling in your pricing spreadsheets. […]

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Digital Presence

Why a Compelling Digital Presence Speeds B2B Revenue Success

By digital presence, I am referring to everything a prospect, customer, partner or any interested party can find out about you and your company online. This includes your website, social media postings, press releases, articles, etc. It also includes whatever anyone else says about you in an online forum or review website. Your digital presence […]

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Digital Strategies

How Digital Strategies Support B2B Revenue KPIs

I recently had the opportunity to share thoughts on a webinar about how digital strategies contribute to organizational objectives with Michael Spinosa, President of Unleashed Technologies. As a fractional CMO, this subject is vitally important to me and my clients and should be to most companies, especially in the B2B space. There are plenty of good […]

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Revenue Generation

B2B Marketing’s Role in Driving Revenue With Integrity

It is critical for everyone on the revenue generation side of the business (including you folks in the marketing department!) to understand their vital role in generating revenue and profit while doing so in a way that protects valuable company integrity. When the CEO and CFO are frustrated because revenue targets aren’t being met – […]

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