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How to Beat Larger Competitors at B2B Marketing and Sales

Let’s face it – there is only one leader in every business category: Apple in smartphones, Wal-Mart in retail, Cargill in food processing, Microsoft in computer software and Wells Fargo in banking. This is equally true in smaller market segments. More often than not, you are not going to be the biggest company in your space and will have to …

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In B2B Marketing, Everything Counts

When my sons were in high school, I used to tell them that everything they did during their high school career counted. Not just their grades, but also their participation in sports and extracurricular activities would be seen and evaluated by future employers and especially college admissions people. Their performance in every class could mean the difference between being accepted …

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How to be a Great B2B Marketing Coach

In honor of Super Bowl week, I thought I would explore just what it takes to be a great B2B marketing coach. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with issues like injuries and deflated footballs. But regardless if you are solely responsible for your B2B marketing efforts, or manage one or more people, you need to accept the responsibility for …

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The Economic Value of Your Company Brand

I was a guest speaker for The Center for Business Modeling at a video/podcast on a subject near and dear to my heart: the economic value of a brand. Following is a summary of what I said on the podcast. When people talk about a company brand, it is often expressed as sort of an abstract concept – we feel good …

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Lower the Cost and Boost the Productivity of B2B Sales

Last month, David Brock, president of Partners in Excellence, published an excellent article titled A Frightening Look At the Cost Of a Sales Person.  Brock recounted some statistics that should disturb senior sales executives, as well as their CEOs and CFOs. For example: The average tenure of a salesperson from the time they start a job to the time they …

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B2B Sales and Marketing Trends for 2015

At the beginning of each year, my team and I publish a report on significant trends in B2B sales and marketing. This report is based on our experience with our B2B clients as well as relevant industry research. The purpose or the report is to provide information that is timely and actionable. You can read the full report here. Trend …

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Focus on Productive B2B Marketing and Sales Activities

Like many of you, I am in the middle of the process of strategizing how to best achieve my 2015 objectives, which include optimizing results for my family, business, friendships, activities, and so forth. And when I look back on 2014, I think I did a decent job of improving results in each of these areas. However, if there is …

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B2B Marketing Leaders: 3 Things that Can Hurt You (And Your Company) in 2015

The transition to a new year can be a perilous time for B2B marketing organizations. Sales managers, finance people and CEOs are gathered in rooms or on conference calls having tough conversations about priorities and funding for the new year. The output of these meetings can wreak havoc on the unsuspecting marketing department, especially when these types of statements are …

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Most companies are successful only to the degree they are able to generate qualified sales leads. And, for long term success, that lead generation needs to be effective, predictable and scalable. So why is B2B marketing and lead generation such a mysterious subject to so many? And how does one apply web strategies, pull marketing tactics and social media in an effective manner to achieve these goals? Considering the stakes, it behooves you to take marketing to B2B seriously and become a master. At our B2B marketing consulting firm, Fusion Marketing Partners, we see a full range of marketing practitioners ranging from novices to masters. marketing.

Our passion is delivering what we call the unstoppable marketing and sales machine. We implement B2B marketing strategies and tactics for a variety of organizations to drive consistent, quality lead flow, thus fueling B2B sales success. Here at Great B2B Marketing, we share that knowledge we have gained from years of practice about successful marketing to B2B. We hope you find this site highly informative and valuable.

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