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How to Find Elusive B2B Buyers

Okay, it’s time for a little honesty. How many of your potential buyers want to hear from you on an unsolicited basis?  How many are glad that you called when they weren’t expecting to hear from you? How many are happy that you keep sending them email after email until they finally click on the “unsubscribe” link and remove themselves …

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The Pros and Cons of Competitive Marketing

As a B2B marketing outsource provider, our clients sometimes ask about the advisability of running a competitive marketing campaign. This is a decision that is rich with opportunity but also fraught with peril.  So how do you exploit the opportunity while leaving the peril behind? First, make sure you understand why you want to run the competitive campaign in the …

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Why Your Allies and Actions Are Crucial in B2B Marketing

Tom Peters, noted management guru and author of groundbreaking books like In Search of Excellence and Pursuit of WOW, published some great (and free) content about the importance of allies and action for driving change in business. You can download a copy here. Let’s first talk about the action part of the story. Like me, Peters is a huge proponent …

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Assumptions are the Enemy of Good B2B Marketing

Human nature causes us to assume that others share our interests, fears and motivations. We tell ourselves: I am an intelligent and logical person – so why shouldn’t others feel and think like me? And if this is the case, I simply have to create promotions that reflect my personal preferences and the orders will flood in. This attitude is …

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B2B Marketing: Know the Trends, Pick the Right Strategy

What key tactics best fit our Marketing Strategy?What B2B marketing tactics are working now for others, and how well?Where should we emphasize or deemphasize our marketing focus? In working with leading global B2B companies, our Fusion Marketing team is extremely familiar with the cost/benefits of various lead generation programs. In fact we work closely with the management teams of numerous …

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Is Marketing Passé? You Be the Judge

Steve Case, founder of AOL, just wrote an article for Mashable about Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp. The article is titled 10 Lessons We Can Learn From WhatsApp. While I am an admirer of Mr. Case and agree with much of what he stated, I sharply disagree with one of his 10 lessons.  To quote from the article: “Marketing is passé. Viral …

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How To Protect Your B2B Marketing Budget

In a recent discussion on the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) LinkedIn network, Art Hyde asked this question: How do you keep your marketing budget from being cut by the CFO while every other line-item is untouched? There is a lot of interest about this issue in the B2B marketing community, for good reason.  No one likes to see their budget …

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Big Bang Marketing is Out – Agile is In

I got the idea for a blog post from an uberflip.com interview with Jeremy Burton, chief marketing officer of EMC.  Burton made some great points in the interview, including the fact that he believes the big B2B marketing trends going forward are the use of video, analytics, and process automation. But to me, the most important points he made were about how the …

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Most companies are successful only to the degree they are able to generate qualified sales leads. And, for long term success, that lead generation needs to be effective, predictable and scalable. So why is B2B marketing and lead generation such a mysterious subject to so many? And how does one apply web strategies, pull marketing tactics and social media in an effective manner to achieve these goals? Considering the stakes, it behooves you to take marketing to B2B seriously and become a master. At our B2B marketing consulting firm, Fusion Marketing Partners, we see a full range of marketing practitioners ranging from novices to masters. marketing.

Our passion is delivering what we call the unstoppable marketing and sales machine. We implement B2B marketing strategies and tactics for a variety of organizations to drive consistent, quality lead flow, thus fueling B2B sales success. Here at Great B2B Marketing, we share that knowledge we have gained from years of practice about successful marketing to B2B. We hope you find this site highly informative and valuable.

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