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11 Rules You Must Follow to Be a LinkedIn Marketing Master

At my company, Fusion Marketing Partners, we have a policy of not spending money on marketing or sales. We are “pull” (inbound) marketers to the core and this philosophy has served us well. Of course, we do lots of “push” (outbound) marketing for clients, but we try to move them in the direction of pull marketing in order to drive …

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Should You Market to Pain or Persona?

 I just had an interesting conversation about campaign targeting with a really smart client. We were discussing the best way not only to attract prospects, but also to set up a lead nurturing campaign that will convert the largest number possible into paying clients. The technical definition of persona is “the way you present yourself to the world.” But in marketing terms, …

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Important Lessons for Working with Channel Partners

It can be a compelling proposition to have external companies working for your success without the heavy investments necessary to build, equip, and train an internal sales organization – particularly if you need to reach a broad geographic area. However, there are some tough lessons I have learned over many channel relationships, some painful, some amusing, and some highly productive. …

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How to Use B2B Marketing to Propel Rapid Sales Growth

I just listened to an interesting podcast featuring my old colleague Heidi Melin. Heidi is CMO of Plex Systems and is a well-respected marketer. It was an interview-style podcast, hosted by Glenn Gow of Crimson Marketing. The topic of the podcast is How CMOs of High Growth Companies Can Achieve Rapid Scale. Naturally, as a former CMO of, and current …

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Do You Need to Recombobulate Your B2B Marketing?

Bear with me a bit and I will explain the odd title of this post. I read an interesting tweet from Moira Geary, who gave herself the moniker of “Recombobulator.” While I had actually heard of this term previously, I was not sure of its exact meaning. Intrigued, I looked up the definition and found it was short and sweet: …

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Commerce Interrupted – Four Barriers That Stop Your Prospects from Becoming Customers!

 There are three primary objectives of a marketing campaign: Find qualified prospects (potential buyers). Create desire within these prospects to purchase your product or service. Remove all barriers to the purchase process. Many B2B and B2C companies do a good job at the first two objectives. They know where to find prospects, or better yet, they help prospects find them, which is the …

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Five Great Ways to Drive Brand Engagement

Every year, millions tune in to the PGA Championship, where golf’s finest duke it out on the green and golf enthusiasts cheer the winners and sometimes, even the heartbreaking losers. Last Sunday, Scotland’s Rory McIlroy won his second PGA championship and cemented his streak as the world’s number one golfer. As an occasional golfer who likes to watch others make …

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Can We Please Tell the Truth in Our Marketing Communications?

This post was inspired by a negative marketing event. I received a personalized letter in an official-looking envelope from a company called: ABC Shareholder Services (real name not used to protect the guilty). The letter claimed that since I was a holder of shares in a certain mutual fund, they needed to speak with me about a “very important matter.”  …

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Most companies are successful only to the degree they are able to generate qualified sales leads. And, for long term success, that lead generation needs to be effective, predictable and scalable. So why is B2B marketing and lead generation such a mysterious subject to so many? And how does one apply web strategies, pull marketing tactics and social media in an effective manner to achieve these goals? Considering the stakes, it behooves you to take marketing to B2B seriously and become a master. At our B2B marketing consulting firm, Fusion Marketing Partners, we see a full range of marketing practitioners ranging from novices to masters. marketing.

Our passion is delivering what we call the unstoppable marketing and sales machine. We implement B2B marketing strategies and tactics for a variety of organizations to drive consistent, quality lead flow, thus fueling B2B sales success. Here at Great B2B Marketing, we share that knowledge we have gained from years of practice about successful marketing to B2B. We hope you find this site highly informative and valuable.

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